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With a sincere heart to everyone without demanding a good return.
Our proposed marketing plan is to divide the revenue into each participating member based on the company’s total monthly performance.
Our primary goal is to let every participants has a chance to “SUCCESS”.

Our Solid Business Partner

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One of the most expensive food “black gold”, CAVIAR.

We here is investing in this company’s business which fully implement pragmatic, hook with high-return farming fisheries, invest in the breeding expertise and breeding of Arowana, and specialized in processing caviar popular in the high-end market. Our Business Partner do export to this product to Europe, United States and the Middle East market. Arowana is known as a living fossil in fish. It can often live for 120 years. In particular, the environment for cultivation is very strict. The water temperature is maintained at 8 degrees Celsius to 12 degrees Celsius. The living environment and water quality requirements of Arowana are also very important and it shall be no pollution, the best source is the spring water.

The aquarium fish is called “black gold”. After taking out a large number of fish eggs and taking it out of the stomach, it is quickly processed by professional techniques and sterilized to make caviar which is popular among high-rich diners.

Stepping into the caviar road, encountering the fate, holding the flourishing, the real cooperation of this high-end processing delicious food, production and production of brand caviar 73% specializes in Europe, United States and the Middle East and the huge market. The funds have been invested, and the investment projects that are taken for granted.